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There are two distinct, yet integral parts of Mula: 

the food and the drink.

The food is inspired by traditional Mexican street food. Our dedication to good food and quality ingredients drives us to source many of our ingredients locally.

The drink — tequila — is something we do unlike any bar in Nebraska. We’ve been certified as a tequileria, which means 80% of our staff has studied the history, production, and regulation of tequila — from the harvesting of the agave plant in the fields of Jalisco to the fermentation and distillation. We educate our staff so they can educate you.

One of the most creative spots to open in the city this year. – Sarah Baker Hansen, Omaha World-Herald It has taken over a spot that was otherwise vacant: Modern Omaha Mexican, thats traditional, innovative, adventurous, and comfortable at once. – Sarah Baker Hansen, Omaha World-Herald The whole vibe of Mula is fun and fabulous. Mula gets the details – and the food – right. The flavor of Nebraska seeps deliciously into meals.